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Company Information:


Mecmesin Corp.


45921 Maries Rd., Ste. 120
Sterling, VA 20166


(703) 433-9247


(703) 444-9860





Company Description:

Tensile, compression, material and torque testing machines form Mecmesin are used in R&D and quality control laboratories and manufacturing plants around the world to assess and to ensure the quality of raw materials, components and finished products. In business for over 35 years the Mecmesin brand stands for excellent levels of performance and reliability, guaranteeing high levels of results and reflecting our commitment to both customer satisfaction and user-focused product development. Within production environments and R&D laboratories worldwide our customers use Mecmesin equipment to: • Maintain consistency of manufacture • Guarantee production quality • Minimize costs, reduce waste and improve yields • Optimize design • Comply with relevant standards Operating worldwide Mecmesin has companies in the UK, Thailand and China plus a global network of factory-trained authorized distributors. The U.S. headquarters Mecmesin Corporation serves the North American market together with distributors throughout the United States and Canada who have extensive product and applications experience and knowledge and offer our customers a comprehensive technical support and after-sales service wherever they are. Mecmesin serves a wide range of industries including aerospace, automotive, construction, cosmetics, electrical & electronics, food & drink, health and safety, medical devices, packaging, pharmaceuticals, plastics & rubber, sports equipment and textiles. Test applications supported include compression, tension, closure torque, peel/adhesion, flexure/bend, tear, top-load, spring, crimp-joint and coefficient of friction.


  • Adhesion & Bond Strength Testers
  • Bond Testers
  • Calibration Equip., Force
  • Compression Testers
  • Flexure Testers
  • Friction Testers
  • Gages, Fixture & Special Tooling
  • Gages, Force
  • Gage Stands
  • Indicators, Torque
  • Load Cells
  • Materials Test Equipment
  • Meters, Tension
  • Other Software Applications
  • Plastics Test Equipment
  • Shear Testers
  • Stands, Test
  • Tear Testers
  • Tensile Sample Machine
  • Tensile Testers
  • Torque Calibration Equipment
  • Torque Measuring Equipment
  • Torsion Testers
  • Transducers, Torque
  • Universal Testing Machines
  • Wire Crimp Pull Tester
Quality Buyers Guide