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48 Woerd Ave.
Waltham, MA 02453


(781) 419-3900


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Olympus is a world-leading provider of innovative test and measurement solutions for industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, power generation, petrochemical, civil infrastructure and automotive to consumer products.

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  • Calibration Services, Materials Test Equipment
  • Corrosion Testing
  • Crack Detection
  • Eddy Current Equipment, Miscellaneous, Coating Measurement
  • Eddy Current Equipment, Miscellaneous, Flux Leakage
  • Eddy Current Equipment, Miscellaneous, Hall Effect
  • Eddy Current Probes, Probes and Coils, Absolute
  • Eddy Current Probes, Probes and Coils, Custom
  • Eddy Current Probes, Probes and Coils, Differential
  • Eddy Current Systems, High Speed Analysis
  • Eddy Current Systems, Multichannel
  • Eddy Current Systems, Single Channel
  • Eddy Current Systems, Testers, Bar and Billet
  • Eddy Current Systems, Testers, Tubing and Pipe
  • Eddy Current Test Equipment, Detectors, Crack
  • Eddy Current Test Equipment, Instruments, Coating Thickness
  • Eddy Current Test Equipment, Instruments, Conductivity
  • Eddy Current Test Equipment, Instruments, Corrosion Detection
  • Eddy Current Test Equipment, Microprocessor Based
  • Flaw Detectors, Eddy Current
  • Flaw Detectors, Handheld
  • Flaw Detectors, Ultrasonic
  • Immersion Tanks
  • Materials Analysis Equipment
  • Materials Testing Consultants
  • Materials Testing Services / Labs
  • NDT Certification
  • NDT Consultants
  • NDT Equipment Repair
  • NDT Labs
  • NDT Scanners
  • NDT Training
  • Phased Array Ultrasonic Imaging
  • Pulse Echo
  • Remote Visual Inspection Products
  • Scanner, Handheld
  • Thickness Measurement
  • Training, Eddy Current
  • Training, Ultrasonic
  • Transducers, Angle Beam
  • Transducers, Contact
  • Transducers, Dual
  • Transducers, Immersion
  • Transducers, Piezocomposite
  • Transducers, Ultrasonic
  • Tube Testing
  • Ultrasonic Calibration Blocks
  • Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Accessories
  • Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Inspection System
  • Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Portable
  • Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Probes
  • Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Test Blocks
  • Ultrasonic Test Equipment, Thickness Gages
  • Weld Inspection Equipment
  • Weld Process Monitor, Inspection
  • Wire Testing
  • XRF Analyzers
  • XRF Analyzers Portable
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